Best bike chock I've seen. Weighs a scant 21 lbs. but will hold any bike upright without any possibility of falling over. Use it in the garage to park it; takes up less room when it's straight up! No need to attach it to the floor. It doesn't walk away when you drive into it. Great for cleaning the bike or even doing a little work on it like oil changes or even a rear tire. Front end stays put so just jack up the back.

Put it in the bed of a pick up & again, you don't have to anchor the chock. Just put it & pop the bike into the wheel chock! Done! You do not tie down the front end; just the back end so it can't hop. Comes as is or add the trailer attachment. It is a bracket that that attaches to the floor of the trailer & then the chock locks on to it.

Takes seconds to install or take off & the bracket on the floor is so small and low that it's not in the way or creating an obstacle. A little pull on the handlebars & bike will roll back out of the cradle & you're on your way! Can fold flat & hang on the wall when not in use & is adjustable for any brand bike. It can even allow some models to be backed in! Made of super strong aluminum, this chock is light weight & durable.

This is really a great accessory for any biker & makes a perfect gift. The Pit Stop is $269.00 without the trailer attachment. We have 'em in stock & ready to go! Call 684-7896, or stop by for a demonstration. You'll be impressed with the quality & ease of operation!