Craig Peterson has been riding & working on motorcycles for over 40 years. Craig’s interest in performance for Harleys began back in the late 80’s and continues to this day. He joined Pikes Peak Harley of Colorado Springs starting in the service department where he received factory training earning a PhD in the technician recognition program. He stayed active in service while working his way through the parts and sales departments and into senior management. Craig started their satellite operation in May of 2001 and quickly earned a reputation for exceptional motorcycle performance and customer service. Craig worked there for 10 years, the last two as Operation Manager directing the service and parts departments at both locations. Peterson’s Performance came to life in January 2006 producing a steady stream of happy bikes & satisfied customers.

Craig enjoys being in a Harley as much as being on a Harley. He demands great performance from himself as well as the bikes he works on. From basic schedule maintenance to involved performance modifications, Craig exercises extreme attention to detail in every aspect of his work. “I feel strongly about providing the highest level of service and quality with exceptional value. I’m still about the bikes, the ride, and the people. It’s important to provide a lot of bang for the buck.”

Here’s what customers say:

"The bike just gets up and goes. Now it is pure enjoyment every time I ride. Thank you." -R.P.

"My bike is the bomb!! Absolutely worth every penny let me tell you. I can’t even put into words how good it runs now. Thank you sooo much!"-D.C.

"You da man! I let the clutch out easy; nailed the throttle wide open and the back end broke loose. This motor exceeds my expectations."-L.B.

"Man, I gotta tell ya, this bike never ran this good – ever! I didn’t know what I was missing."-R.C.

"You have made a customer for life! I’ve never gotten this kind of service at any Harley shop, anywhere! Thanks!"-J.S.

"I love my six speed! I am singing the praises of Peterson’s Performance."-S.S.

"I’ve had my bike to other shops who said they fixed the problems, but you really did! No leaks now and runs great! I’ll be back." -K.B.

"I thought you changed the map during the service. I had so much more power & the throttle response was instant!" -E.D.

"I can notice the difference. We are very pleased"-R.M.